Emirates Park Zoo

| United Arab Emirates

Callaway Garden

| United States

Tallahassee Museum

| United States

Richard Branson Island

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Outstanding quality and strong values have made us a world-class company and renowned adventure parks builders and consultants

Emirates Park Zoo & Resort

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Zoo Zip Climb, Design & Construction of two independant circuits inside the urban zoo of Abu Dhabi : the Big Adventure, family-oriented, for teenages / adults and the junior Climb dedicated to kids. A total of 35 amazing aerial elements including ziplines, perfectly integrated on poles above the zoo’s enclosures, a colorful ambassador of wildlife.

Callaway Gardens

Georgia, USA

TreeTop Adventure & Ziplines, Design & Construction in multiple phases since 2011, of ten zip lines ranging from 44 to 700 feet in length, and other high-flying challenges deftly woven into the natural forest. Perfect for families, friends, team-building, and solo explorers, TreeTop Adventure spans more than 3,000 feet horizontally and soars up to 70 feet above the forest floor. The base Discovery Course features five zip lines and 20 more challenges including ladders, wires, logs, discs, netting, and other suspended surfaces all installed around the trees. The add-on Lake Course option features five additional zip lines, including several over the lake itself, and four obstacles. And for the youngest adventurers, the Sapling Course was designed for those too small for the full excursion.

Tallahassee Museum

Florida, USA

Tree to Tree Adventures, Design & Construction of 50 treetop obstacles at 62 feet off the ground. Zip through the tree-tops by local wild life, soar through the cypress swamp across more than 700 feet of untamed wetlands, and conquer various aerial games for hours on one of our 3 Tallahassee Tree to Tree Adventures courses.

Necker Island

Richard Branson’s private park, British Virgin Islands

Design & Construction of one unique zipline launching from a lodge overlooking a cliff and landing on the beach for a special event


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