Treetop Concept, is a company based in Florida, USA with a branch in Québec, Canada. Our line of work is the implementation and construction of Treetop Adventure Parks.

Designer, builder and manager with worldwide achievements

A bit of history
After starting in the French Alps in the late 1990s, Mike Smith brought his expertise to Québec since 2002. His Acrobranche team has built the first parks in Canada and managed a couple of them.
Since 2008, Treetop Concept is established in the US, rejuvenating the old « ropes courses » concept and extending its notoriety to a worldwide market.
Through our commitment to eco-friendly adventure activities, we constantly strive to adapt our techniques and creativity to offer an exclusive model of Treetop Adventure Park under uncompromising safety standards.
Our Mission

Originality, Safety, Profitability

Our Value

Respect the nature


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