The trend for eco-adventure is constantly growing and stands at the forefront of the tourism industry. A return to Nature is an instinctive need in our modern world. Treetop Concept is perfectly well poised to feed this demand.
Targeted Customers

Whatever their level of agility, experience or age, visitors progress independently, at their own rhythm, using individual protective equipment.

Treetop Adventure Parks are safe, popular and profitable.

Safe thrills with minimum training

Targeted locations
Trees are the foundation of most of our projects and this is why the treetop park is Treetop Concept’s main product. Wherever there is a wooded area, a Treetop Adventure Park may be considered:

No end to the possible locations

Socio-Economic Benefits

Generate employment

Attract people to your area

Nurture environmental consciouness

Gains for local and regional communities


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